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Fun With Linear Time: My Favorite Algorithm

Breaking down the Boyer–Moore majority vote algorithm with examples in Python.

Leetcode - Episode 17 - Moving, Shaking, and Folding (3 x E)

Solutions for: Move Zeroes, Merge Two Sorted Lists, and Merge Two Binary Trees.

Leetcode - Episode 16 - Pretty Efficient (3 x E)

Solutions for: Flipping an Image, Leaf-Similar Trees, and Maximum Depth of N-ary Tree.

Leetcode - Episode 15 - Three Tree Qs (3 x E)

Solutions for: Invert Binary Tree, N-ary Tree Postorder Traversal, and N-ary Tree Preorder Traversal.

Leetcode - Episode 14 - Short, Easy Solutions (3 x E)

Solutions for: Monotonic Array, Max Consecutive Ones, and Contains Duplicate.

Leetcode - Episode 13 - Finding My Stride (3 x M)

Solutions for: Range Sum of BST, Max Increase to Keep City Skyline, and Custom Sort String.

Leetcode - Episode 12 - Starting Early (3 x E)

Solutions for: Verifying an Alien Dictionary, Reverse Only Letters, and Backspace String Compare.

Leetcode - Episode 11 - Faster than 99.17% (1 x M, 2 x E)

Solutions for: Reverse Vowels of a String, Isomorphic Strings, and Reverse Words in a String.

Leetcode - Episode 10 - Short Solutions (1 x M, 2 x E)

Solutions for: Single Number II, Fibonacci Number, and Ransom Note.

Leetcode - Episode 9 - Trudging Through (3x E)

Solutions for: Majority Element, Detect Capital, and Not Boring Movies.

Leetcode - Episode 8 - Breaking Out Some Mediums (3x M, 1x E)

Solutions for: Encode and Decode TinyURL, Insert into a Binary Search Tree, Minimum Add to Make Parentheses Valid, and Goat Latin.

Leetcode - Episode 7 - Getting More Pythonic (3x E)

Solutions for: Two Sum, Valid Anagram, and Length of Last Word.

Leetcode - Episode 6 - Progressively Harder (3x E)

Solutions for: Keyboard Row, Reorder Log Files, and Single Number.

Leetcode - Episode 5 - Fastest Solutions Yet (3x E)

Solutions for: Uncommon Words from Two Sentences, Search in a Binary Search Tree, and Fizz Buzz.

Leetcode - Episode 4 - gnivloS melborP (3x E)

Solutions for: Reverse Words in a String III, Sort Array By Parity II, and Reverse String.

Leetcode - Episode 3 - The Streak Continues (3x E)

Solutions for: Sort Array By Parity, Robot Return to Origin, and Self Dividing Numbers.

Leetcode - Episode 2 - Three More Easys

Solutions for: N-Repeated Element in Size 2N Array, Univalued Binary Tree, and Unique Morse Code Words.

Leetcode - Episode 1 - Three Easys

Episode one of tacking Leetcode problems and discussing solutions. Jewels and Stones, Unique Email Addresses, and To Lower Case.