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The Flow of Knowledge in a Team (or Why I Dig Tickets)

Engineering tickets often end up meaning a lot. For the product but also emotionally for the individual.

How I'm Working Remotely

Writing code, working (almost) solo, and exploring remote-life during the UK lockdown.

Book Review: The Developer's Guide to Content Creation

Discussing an amazing resource for those writing for developers.

My Experience with Pair Programming

Pairing for fun and profit.

Your First Open-Source Pull Request: a Walkthrough

Making a small change to the Jekyll project.

What They Don't Teach You at a Computer Science Masters

Bubblesort isn't everything.

The Weird Rules I Set Myself That Got Me a Job

Advice that I haven't seen elsewhere.

How to Write an Awesome GitHub README

Attract and educate.

How Flappy Bird Got Me My Start in Software

An overview of how I learned to code. Also a bit on my experience during my CS Masters.

A Day in the Life of a Mediumly Productive Software Engineer

Living, working, building, and drinking too much coffee.

Two Things About My First In-house Software Job That I Didn't See Coming

On enjoying being part of a team.