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Implementing Highlighting, Search, and Undo

How I added three new features to my text editor.

Making a Text Editor with a Game Engine

Writing my own quirky version of nano using the 2D game engine Ebitengine.

A Personal File Share CLI

Sharing files with my friends from the terminal.

Implementing Bitcask, a Log-Structured Hash Table

Shipping a speedy key/value store for datasets larger than memory.

Beating grep with Go

Writing a fast file searching program and benchmarking it.

Designing a Code Playground for Adventlang

Using Web Workers and WebAssembly to build a speedy UI.

Designing a Programming Language for Advent of Code

What is the minimum amount of features I need to not hate my life during this festive season?

Creating the Golfcart Programming Language

Writing an interpreter from scratch.

WebAssembly Search Tools for Static Sites

Building a technical demo to understand this blossoming area of technology.

Boids in WebAssembly Using Go

The famous flocking simulation built with the Ebiten game library.

Cloning Memcached with Go

I'm really starting to enjoy Go.

My First Golang Program

Conway's Game of Life in Ebiten.