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Building a guessing game for popular open source projects.

Recent Projects I Didn't Finish

A few ideas I tried. Including flamegraphs, fast HTTP routing, and infinite chess.

Virtual Ants

Artificial life and Langton's ant.

Building and Solving Sokoban

Creating an automated solver for Sokoban puzzles.

DOOM Rendered via Checkboxes

WebAssembly meets 16000 HTML checkboxes.

Writing Software for an Among Us League

Making a casual game more competitive and arguing with my friends about Elo systems.

Creating Randomness Without Math.random

Building a replacement for JavaScript's random number generator.

Polyfilling the Fetch API for Old Browsers and Node.js

A quick look at polyfilling, along with with solutions for both environments.

Adding Comments to Gatsby with Netlify Serverless Functions + GitHub

Use Netlify serverless functions to let users add comments to a static website.

DEV Article Analysis

Building a tool for users to analyze their work over time.

Gatsby Sparks Joy

Migrating from Jekyll to Gatsby.

Hardest JavaScript Puzzle I've Ever Solved

Writing JavaScript with a one character width restriction.

Let's Build a CAPTCHA Generator with Node.js

Using Canvas, Express, and a GitHub Action.

Refactoring JavaScript for Performance and Readability (with Examples!)

A few tips that have really helped me.

Saving Data in JavaScript Without a Database

The title is a lie I also show how to use SQLite.

Interview Question: Implement a Progress Bar

Different ways to do one thing well.

Solving Puzzles With High-Performance JavaScript

It's fast but is it worth it?

A Tiny Project, From Inception to Deployment

A JavaScript webscraper for MDN.

Continuous Deployment to Glitch via GitHub Webhooks

Joining two of my favorite ecosystems together.

Talking to Python from JavaScript (and Back Again!)

Let's learn how to pass data back and forth between languages.

Learn the Storage API by Building a Note Taking App (Tutorial)

Learning and building.

Embed Your Latest DEV Posts Anywhere (Tutorial)

Using the API with Node.

JavaScript One-Liners That Make Me Excited

Dust off your ternary expressions, we're going in.

Earn a Build Passing Badge on GitHub! Testing Your Express App with Travis CI (Tutorial)

How to setup Travis CI for a Node/Express project.

Kicking Butt and Taking Names With WebSockets (Tutorial)

A little on the history of WebSockets and a brief overview on how to use them in JavaScript.

Creating Cute GitHub Badges Based Off a Project's Mood (Node.js)

Creating GitHub badges based off the time when most people contribute to a GitHub project.

Real-Time Streaming of Every Emoji Posted as a Comment to

Building a website which live streams every emoji posted to

I Ported Sudoku to Your URL Bar and It Plays like a Dream

Goofy project in which you can play Sudoku entirely within your URL bar.

Cloning Dominos Order Tracker as a Microservice with Node.js and Firebase!

Writing an order tracker with Node, Express, and Firebase.