I write software and write about software. I love getting email — consider this a standing invitation. Lately, I've been interested in chess engines, programming language interpreters, and digital gardens. This website is built with Next.js and hosted on Vercel. It's open source.

Presenting: When Does Development Spark Joy? Sentimental analysis of commit messages.

I like teaching people things that I know. I like video games, running, and reading.

I am easily impressed by people and the cool stuff that they build. I read a lot of personal and technical blogs. If we've ever interacted, I've visited your website and probably think it's cool!


I currently lead a team of three software engineers building very cool things for the web! Lately, I've been focusing on improving the observability of our systems and keeping things fast!


  • M.S.c. in Computer Science (Distinction)
  • B.A. in Creative Writing (with First Class Honours)