About me

I love creating things and helping people grow. I love getting email. I'm passionate about customer-facing applications and web technologies. I currently work as a software engineer in London, UK!

I'm a keen surfer 🏄, runner 🏃, and lover of indie games. I'm also engaged married to an American girl (who is also a software engineer)! We live in a house full of plants 🌱.


  • Being a thoughtful and empathetic team member. People > code.
  • Building resilient and testable applications for web, mobile, and server.
  • Writing high performance UIs that stay smooth even on outdated Smart TVs.
  • Technical writing of every flavour; blogs, documentation, asynchronous communication.


  • M.S.c. in Computer Science (Distinction)
    • Researching the WebSocket protocol and related technologies.
    • Writing and reasoning about benchmark tools.
    • Completing the core Computer Science curriculum.
  • B.A. in Creative Writing (with First Class Honours)
    • Working on interactive fiction for the web.
    • Finding my passion: code.