Andrew Healey.

Hey, I'm Andrew Healey. I'm a software engineer at Vercel, and I'm interested in the joy of computing. I've written 110,015 words on this open source website.

Recent (94 articles)

Implementing Highlighting, Search, and Undo

How I added three new features to my text editor.

Making a Text Editor with a Game Engine

Writing my own quirky version of nano using the 2D game engine Ebitengine.

Profiling and Optimizing an Interpreter

Rewriting library code to speed up my interpreter benchmark by 28%.


Beating grep with Go

Writing a fast file searching program and benchmarking it.

GeoGuessing with Deep Learning

Applying photo geolocation estimation to the game of GeoGuessr.

Building My Own Chess Engine

Exploring the computational complexity of chess. Code snippets in Python so you can do the same.