I spend a lot of time writing, thinking about writing, coding, and thinking about coding. This site is where I combine them. It's built with Gatsby.js and written with love. I love getting email so if you have a comment on an article or need help with one of my projects you should reach out.

I feel lucky that I can spend so much time creating things for the web — whether it's writing (like this thing you're reading now) or visual work (React! Vue!) or hidden work (like keeping servers alive and healthy). The best way to stay up to date with my posts and projects is my newsletter. For everything else, there's Twitter!

I'm a keen surfer, runner, reader, and lover of indie games. I'm also engaged married to an American girl (also a software engineer)! We live in a house full of plants.


  • Being a thoughtful and empathetic team member. People > code.
  • Building resilient and testable applications for web, mobile, and server.
  • Writing high performance UIs that stay smooth on the oldest devices.
  • Technical writing of every flavour; blogs, documentation, asynchronous communication.


  • M.S.c. in Computer Science (Distinction)
    • Researching the WebSocket protocol and related technologies.
    • Writing and reasoning about benchmark tools.
    • Completing the core Computer Science curriculum.
  • B.A. in Creative Writing (with First Class Honours)
    • Working on interactive fiction for the web.
    • Finding my passion: code.