I write software and write about software. I love getting email — consider this a standing invitation. Lately, I've been interested in chess engines, interpreters, and digital gardens.

I feel lucky that I can spend so much time creating things for the web — whether it's writing (like this thing you're reading now) or visual work (React! Vue!) or hidden work (like keeping servers alive and healthy). The best way to stay up to date with my posts and projects is my newsletter. For everything else, there's Twitter!

I like teaching people things that I know. I like video games, running, and reading.

I am easily impressed by people and the cool stuff that they build. I read a lot of personal and technical blogs. If we've ever interacted, I've visited your website and probably think it's cool.


I currently lead a team of three software engineers building very cool things for the web! Lately, I've been focusing on improving the observability of our systems and keeping things fast!


  • M.S.c. in Computer Science (Distinction)
  • B.A. in Creative Writing (with First Class Honours)