I write software and write about software. I love getting email. My research interests include programming languages, game solvers (chess, sokoban, and more), and isolation/sandboxing.

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Presenting: When Does Development Spark Joy? Sentimental analysis of commit messages.

I like teaching people things that I know. I like video games, running, and reading.

I am easily impressed by people and the cool stuff they build. I read a lot of technical blogs. If we've ever interacted, I've visited your website and probably think it's cool!

Technical books I recommend include Crafting Interpreters, and The Computational Beauty of Nature. Non-tech authors I recommend include Patricia Lockwood and Ben Lerner. In my undergrad, I mostly studied post-WWII fiction.

I prefer rainy days, I like the colder months, and I drink a lot of coffee.


I'm a software engineer at Vercel. Previously, I was a software engineer elsewhere.