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When I'm Sad My Computer Sends Me Cats

I wrote a program that sends cats to my phone when I'm sad at the computer.

Listening to Satellites with my Raspberry Pi

Building a live dashboard with the help of a few hardware modules.

Computer Vision and Embroidery

Picking the correct thread colors from embroidery hoop images.

GeoGuessing with Deep Learning

Applying photo geolocation estimation to the game of GeoGuessr.

Generating Text With Markov Chains

Generating random but familiar text by building Markov chains from scratch.

Building My Own Chess Engine

Exploring the computational complexity of chess. Code snippets in Python so you can do the same.

Privacy Focused Analytics From Scratch

Learning more about user data collection by writing my own analytics system.

A Practical Introduction to Graphs (Network Diagrams)

Calculating the path between two countries with the least border crossings.

Hacking Together an E-ink Dashboard

A prototype Raspberry Pi dashboard to save me talking to my smart assistant.

Twitter Ticker Tape with a POS58 Receipt Printer

Building a fun toy with my Raspberry Pi, Python, and Tweepy.

I Built a Bot to Try and Get Money Back From My Internet Provider

My most popular project yet!

An Introduction to Caching on the Web, With Examples in Python

A high-level overview of caching.

A Tutorial on Tricking Google: Encoding Messages in Apostrophes

Using character codes to hide in plain sight.

Talking to Python from JavaScript (and Back Again!)

Let's learn how to pass data back and forth between languages.

Build a Python Bot to Find Your Website's Dead Links (Tutorial)

Crawling a website for missing resources using the Python standard library.

Need a Friend? Write a Reddit Bot with Python to Follow You Around (Tutorial)

The basics of building a Reddit bot that listens for phrases and replies to them.

Coding a Live Cam for the Raspberry Pi in Python (Tutorial)

A lo-fi solution for streaming images from your Raspberry Pi to the web.

Benchmarking WebSocket Servers with Python!

Benchmarking websocket servers and frameworks with async Python.